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DJ Services Pricing – An ABC 20/20 Report Reply

Recently, ABC News Segment 20/20 did a “Wedding Confidential” where they discussed or “investigated” pricing for different wedding services that most brides use, from dresses and flowers, to, of course DJ’s. We wanted to respond to the report as well as clarify anything that any of our brides might be confused about. We are only addressing the DJ portion of it, since we cannot speak about any other industry that was included in the report.

Here is the link to the report:

The report mentioned two people calling several DJ companies, one asking for a DJ for their wedding, another one asking for a DJ for a party, same date, same time, same length of time. The result was two different prices for, what the show calls, the same services.

There are substantial differences in events when it comes to DJ’s and music. Your typical party needs some music, whether it be background music or dancing music, with little to no interaction and mostly non-stop with maybe an occasional announcement. Your typical wedding however, has the same amount of music, as well as announcements or emceeing, such as introductions, directions when it comes to food, toasts, cake cutting, special dances, blessings, bouquet and garter tosses, dedications, etc. It is more than just a straight flow of music. From our 12 years in the music industry we have noticed that most brides do NOT want a DJ that just sits behind the table and playing music. They want their guests to be engaged with the music, be lead in certain dances, be directed when something is about to happen, such as when the cake is about to be cut. How would you feel as a bride if you were about to cut the cake and most people are not paying attention, the photographer is outside, your family is using the restroom, and the only ones noticing what you are doing are just you and your husband? That’s what the DJ is there for, to direct everyone’s attention to what is taking place, to make sure that the important people know what you are about to do and to make sure that everything flows the way it should. After all, as a DJ, we have a microphone that makes it easier to get everyone’s attention and direct it to your wedding.

We do not hide the fact that a DJ for a party is a total different price than for a wedding. A lot more planning goes into a wedding than a party. Just as an example, the planning sheets for a wedding are 3 pages long, whereas for a party, only 1 page. You do not want your DJ or any vendor for that matter to treat your wedding as just another party, you want it to be special, memorable, unique. We tell our brides upfront that if they are looking for a DJ for a party to please let us know since the price is different than what they are quoted for a wedding. It is not a wedding Mark-Up, like the report suggests. It is simply the fact that a lot more detail goes into a wedding than just another party.

We have done our best to explain the reasoning behind the pricing for our services for a wedding versus just a party. Please let us know if you have any other questions or if there is anything else we can clarify for you.