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Planning for Weather

When planning a wedding, most couples try to make sure everything is just the way they want. The decor, the venue, the flowers, the food, entertainment, etc. However, the one thing that is truly unpredictable is Mother Nature and the weather, especially if your wedding is in Georgia. Just because your wedding will be under a pavilion does not make you immune to the weather.

Wet & Rainy Night

The weather  in Georgia this past week was a constant drizzle and occasional downpour here and there. The venue has a covered pavilion for the dancefloor area that overlooks the North Georgia mountains with a beautiful view, which is attached to the main building so guests can go in and out as they please. The ceremony was moved indoors and the rest was to be continued as planned.

Needless to say, the covered outdoor dancefloor was useless so we had to improvise and move everything indoors. We cleared a couple of the tables, moved some of the sound equipment indoors and continued the evening indoors. Even though the venue was full, the willingness of the couple, the staff, and guests to be flexible and content to make sure the night didn’t get ruined, helped make this night a successful one.


It is important to choose your vendors accordingly. Sometimes you have to go with the flow and be flexible because things may not go exactly the way you planned. A good venue with great staff and cooperative vendors will ensure that. After all, Mother Nature is quite unpredictable.

~ Andi

Head DJ/Co-Owner

EuroAndy Events

Wedding Showcase: Aly & Brandon at the Chattahoochee Nature Center

Brandon & Aly

Brandon & Aly

When looking for a DJ or any vendor for your wedding, you don’t want to just hear about it, you want to look for yourself at the type of work they have done, or in a DJ’s case, even listen to some of their work. We want to take this opportunity to showcase our most recent wedding that we had the pleasure of being a part of.

Aly & Brandon, married on April 27, 2013 at the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell, Georgia. We provided music entertainment for their wedding reception as well as lighting for their reception. With the venue being an outdoor pavilion, it was important to add the right touch to the atmosphere. They wanted a fun, bright, and clean decor to add to their night. We chose some white uplights for the pavilion as well as some navy blue uplights to illuminate the top of the tent to create the impression of a sky right after sunset with strings of lights as stars as well as a rotating white light projection on to the ceiling of the tent. Their addition of glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces, and light up glasses added even more to the fun.

For the music, to accommodate the diverse guest list that was present, Aly and Brandon wanted a wide mix of motown, top 40, and even some dubstep for the groom and his friends. Per Aly’s request, we were able to put together a 7 minute mix of 4 dubstep songs catered specifically towards Brandon, as a dedication to him from her.

Once the formal portions of the evening, the formal dances and cake cutting took place, the party kicked off at full steam. Aly got comfortable out of her wedding dress and into a more relaxed fit, and the dancing followed. The entire night went on without a hitch, and even the rain held off long enough for the whole evening to take place perfectly.

Take a look at some of the photos that we took from that evening. We want to extend our warmest wishes of congratulations to Aly & Brandon and are truly glad that we were a part of their wedding day.

This is what we can do for any event out there, create a truly “Special Event with A Personal Touch”.



Mother of the Groom Dancing

Mother of the Bride Dancing

Packed Dancefloor

Packed Dancefloor

The Venue - All Set Up

The Venue – All Set Up

Packed Dancefloor

Packed Dancefloor

Brandon & Aly

Brandon & Aly

Packed Dancefloor

Packed Dancefloor

Brandon & Aly

Brandon & Aly

The Venue - All Set Up

The Venue – All Set Up

Glowsticks & Tunes

Glowsticks & Tunes

Make it a GRAND Entrance for your Introductions

The way you are introduced and make your entrance into the reception area can make a lasting impact on the atmosphere on your guests and family members. Sure, a nice quiet entrance of the bride and groom where no one even knows you came in, can keep things moving without a big fuss, but let’s be honest, this is your wedding day, it is all about the big fuss, about being the center of attention and people celebrating along with you. Here are a couple of things that you want to keep in mind:

1. Include your wedding party in the introductions. They are your “supporting cast”, to stand by your side and be there for support and encouragement. Why not acknowledge them as well. Given the occasion they will not mind having some fun once the ceremony is over.

2. Think about the song or tune that you want to walk in to. It creates the atmosphere, the energy, the “soundtrack” for your presentation. Make it fit your style, your personality, make it fit you. We have included a list of some songs to look through just based on what we have used in past years from previous weddings.

3. Always remember, even though your wedding is considered a formal event, it is ultimately a celebration, a joyous occasion of two people coming together and the unification of 2 families. So celebrate, have fun, make it upbeat and entertaining and have a ball.

Here is a list of songs, in no particular order, that many couples have been introduced to.

– U2 – Beautiful Day

– Kool & The Gang – Celebration

– Metallica – Enter Sandman

– Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

– Pink – Get The Party Started

– Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started

– Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back

– Natalie Cole – This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

– Ray Lamontagne – You Are The Best Thing

– AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long

– BT – Simply Being Loved

– Taio Cruz – Dynamite

– Van Halen – You Really Got Me

– Gary Glitter – Rock & Roll Part 2

– Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Startin’ Something

Bert’s Big Adventure & The suprise of a wedding

Thursday morning, February 21, 2013 we had the great honor and privilege of being part of a big surprise for a very loving and deserving couple. Their names are Deana and Scott. Both Scott and their son Emory suffer from Leukemia. The sweet couple has been engaged over 2 years, but have been unable to plan their wedding because of the struggles that happen with not one but two family members battling the serious illness. We wanted to make that happen for them so we teamed up with Atlanta Perfect Wedding Guide and joined in with other vendors such as The Georgian Terrace for ceremony and reception venue as well as catering, Davidson’s Crazy Good Cakes for the wedding cake, Crimson Shutter Photography for photography, Bombshell Creations for hair and make up, Milestones Floral for flowers, Imperial Events for planning, Elite Audio Visual Solutions for lighting and photo booth, LoungeKing Films for videography, Ivory Bridal for the bridal gown, D’Amore Notes for invitations, and Sugar Style Events for the dessert display, to make this wedding a reality for them.

We are very excited to help plan and make this day extremely special for this very sweet couple. They were selected by Bert’s Big Adventure to go on a family trip to Disney World because of the great deal and suffering that they go through on a daily basis with their conditions. We are truly humbled to be able to make their lives a little better and help make one of their wishes comes true. For more information about Bert’s Big Adventure, please visit


Deane & Scott with Andi & Dahlena of Euroandy Events

Deane & Scott with Andi & Dahlena of Euroandy Events

The display table inside the booth showcasing everything that Deana & Scott are getting for their wedding
The display table inside the booth showcasing everything that Deana & Scott are getting for their wedding
Deana & Scott as they are being told by Bert what they are in store for

Deana & Scott as they are being told by Bert what they are in store for

The display table inside the booth showcasing EuroAndy Events with the other vendors

The display table inside the booth showcasing EuroAndy Events with the other vendors

The room set up for the unveiling

The room set-up for the unveiling of the surprises as the families arrive.

DJ Services Pricing – An ABC 20/20 Report Reply

Recently, ABC News Segment 20/20 did a “Wedding Confidential” where they discussed or “investigated” pricing for different wedding services that most brides use, from dresses and flowers, to, of course DJ’s. We wanted to respond to the report as well as clarify anything that any of our brides might be confused about. We are only addressing the DJ portion of it, since we cannot speak about any other industry that was included in the report.

Here is the link to the report:

The report mentioned two people calling several DJ companies, one asking for a DJ for their wedding, another one asking for a DJ for a party, same date, same time, same length of time. The result was two different prices for, what the show calls, the same services.

There are substantial differences in events when it comes to DJ’s and music. Your typical party needs some music, whether it be background music or dancing music, with little to no interaction and mostly non-stop with maybe an occasional announcement. Your typical wedding however, has the same amount of music, as well as announcements or emceeing, such as introductions, directions when it comes to food, toasts, cake cutting, special dances, blessings, bouquet and garter tosses, dedications, etc. It is more than just a straight flow of music. From our 12 years in the music industry we have noticed that most brides do NOT want a DJ that just sits behind the table and playing music. They want their guests to be engaged with the music, be lead in certain dances, be directed when something is about to happen, such as when the cake is about to be cut. How would you feel as a bride if you were about to cut the cake and most people are not paying attention, the photographer is outside, your family is using the restroom, and the only ones noticing what you are doing are just you and your husband? That’s what the DJ is there for, to direct everyone’s attention to what is taking place, to make sure that the important people know what you are about to do and to make sure that everything flows the way it should. After all, as a DJ, we have a microphone that makes it easier to get everyone’s attention and direct it to your wedding.

We do not hide the fact that a DJ for a party is a total different price than for a wedding. A lot more planning goes into a wedding than a party. Just as an example, the planning sheets for a wedding are 3 pages long, whereas for a party, only 1 page. You do not want your DJ or any vendor for that matter to treat your wedding as just another party, you want it to be special, memorable, unique. We tell our brides upfront that if they are looking for a DJ for a party to please let us know since the price is different than what they are quoted for a wedding. It is not a wedding Mark-Up, like the report suggests. It is simply the fact that a lot more detail goes into a wedding than just another party.

We have done our best to explain the reasoning behind the pricing for our services for a wedding versus just a party. Please let us know if you have any other questions or if there is anything else we can clarify for you.

Creating The Ideal Cocktail Hour

You know that time between the ceremony and reception, where the entire wedding party and family is taking photos and have no clue what everyone else is doing? Most brides don’t put much thought into it and just assume that as long as there is a bar and some light hors d’oeuvres everything else will work itself out. While that may be true, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning one.

1. Everything costs money, so even the cocktail hour will cost some money. Don’t feel the need to over-decorate the area where the guests will be socializing for that limited amount of time. Most of them will be busy savoring the food, getting some drinks or refreshments and chatting with other guests.

2. Consider the time of year that your wedding takes place in. If you have a mid-summer or mid-winter wedding, leaving your guests outside may not be the most appropriate thing to do. If it is too hot or too cold outside, some guests will not wait around for the reception area to open and will simply barge in, even if it is not ready to accommodate them.

3. When having food or bar stations, it is usually a good idea to have more than one, or if it is just one station, make sure that there are several people there able to serve food or drinks. You wouldn’t want to spend 30 minutes in line for a drink, so why make your guests go through it.

4. Have some tables and seats available. Some people are not able to stand for the whole duration of the cocktail hour so a few seats are always a good option. Also, some high top table allow people to come around and socialize with one another over a few drinks. It creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

5. Keep your guests entertained. Make sure to have some music playing in the background so that it is not dead silent. Photo booth are always a great options because it allows your guests to be creative, have some fun, and leave with some memories. Photo booth photos are great keepsakes from a wedding. Have a photo slide show playing, showing off some baby photos or embarrassing high school yearbook photos are always good for some laughs.

6. Keep the food to a minimum and the drinks to a maximum. You do not want your guests to be full before they enjoy the main meal. Having foods that do not require utensils is always a plus and it helps keep them in small portions. When it comes to the drinks, have a variety for your guests. Not everyone drinks the same thing. If you have just beer and wine, then offer several options for each. If you have other alcohol as well, then you can limit the beer and wine to maybe just 2 types each, and more drinks and mixers added in.

7. Don’t forget the basics. Some people are picky or just not in the mood for anything fancy. Always have some basic food that will not need a Google search to decipher and some basic soft drinks, tea or water available. Even though most people will enjoy whatever you have, you do not want anyone left out of the party.

8. Keep it short. Wedding photos are a great keepsake and great memories, but if you think you will spend over an hour on your photos, you want to consider taking some of them before hand. Get some wedding party photos out of the way or save some “couple” photos for a little later. Some guests may get restless, other are on a limited time schedule, whether it be for work reasons, children, or simply time of day. Besides, you don’t want you whole family or wedding party standing around and waiting on photos when they know they are missing out on the fun of the cocktail hour.

The cocktail hour is not supposed to take much effort to plan or cause much stress. It is a good idea to make sure everything is planned properly however, so checking on these few little details should help make the whole day flow. Always remember, even though this is your day and your wedding, the people who you have invited as your guests are there for your support, so keep them in mind in your planning as well. But most of all, after all is planned, said, and done, make sure to ENJOY IT!

Wedding Planning: In The Beginning…

So you’re engaged and want to get married. Now what? Well first off, congratulations! Getting married is one of the biggest steps in your life so don’t rush into it. If you truly want to have your dream wedding then plan it wisely and follow these few tips.

1. Make sure that your wedding date gives you enough time to plan everything that you want to plan. Most major vendors for services that you would want, such as venues, caterers, photographers, DJ’s, etc. may not have any availability less than 9-10 months away.

2. Make a list of everything that you want, everything that you must have, and things that are maybes for your special day. This will come in handy when looking for vendors, talking to them and setting a budget to stick to.

3. If it seems too much for you to handle, hire a wedding planner to help you with it. Your wedding should be fun and enjoyable. If you are going to be too busy to plan it and do it all yourself, have a knowledgeable person guide you. After all, this is what they do, they know the ins and outs, the tricks and tips, the things to make sure you spend time and money on, and the things to avoid. You will not regret it in the end. For some amazing planners, visit our Vendors page.

4. Attend bridal shows. You get to see what is out there, what your options are, what is being offered and what is possible when it comes to your wedding. Talk to people, don’t just take a pamphlet and run, talk to them. Pick their brain, throw some ideas out there and see what comes back. A wedding cannot come out of a box and be done, you have to have your touch to it and truly make it yours.

5. Create a wedding binder with the information you receive. From quotes to contact information and conversations that you have had. Some companies, such as the Perfect Wedding Guide have made it even easier for you. On top of their ultra-portable size book, you can keep all your information portable by having it all online. That way you can access it wherever you are without having to carry anything but your cell phone with you.

6. Ask questions. Many people will volunteer information to you, but that does not mean that everything is useful to you. Ask questions of the many wedding professionals you meet and speak with and find out what exactly they can do for you specifically.

7. Sample. Sample. Sample. Look at photos, whether it be for a photographer, a baker, a DJ, a venue, etc. Visit the venues that you are considering and visualize it all. Taste the different cakes from the bakery you are considering. Have a tasting with the caterer of the food you want. Listen to a mix of the DJ or band you are thinking of hiring.

8. Budget. You may want many things, and when planning a wedding, a lot may seem very appealing, but that does not mean that everything is possible financially. Set a budget, know what you can and cannot afford and plan around that. Allow some room for extra spending just in case you want to add something as the day gets closer, but have a layout of what you want to spend on each vendor for your day.

Planning a wedding is no piece of cake. Nothing great and wonderful ever is, but we, as wedding professionals are here to make it all happen for you and help you along the way. If you want some initial direction, please make sure to visit our Preferred Vendors page for some great vendors that can make your wedding day sparkle, and most of all, ENJOY IT!

Be a 21st Century Bride

Weddings are an enormous production, even if your wedding only has 50-75 people, think about all the little parts that have to come together to make it all work and flow together. Here are a few things to always keep in mind, whether you are 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year from your wedding day.

1. Stop thinking of your wedding as “Perfect”. Murphy’s law always says, “if something can go wrong, it will”. Think about how less stressed you would be if you didn’t expect perfection to begin with. We are all people, we are all human, and sometimes things just don’t go “perfect”. However, you shouldn’t let one thing ruin the rest of the hard work and effort that you put into your wedding. Figure out what your options to fix it are, and move on. After all, it’s not just about the wedding, but the marriage itself too.

2. Everything in moderation when it comes to your theme or decorations for your wedding. Sure, orange may be your perfect color, but making everything orange will just make people dislike the color that much more. Try combining colors, ideas, and decor to have a lively appearance to your venue. Consult an interior designer on good matching colors, check out Pinterest, or even just Google around some and see what other brides have done.

3. Take care of your supporting cast, whether it be your bridesmaids, parents, groomsmen, ushers, etc. They are there for you to help you plan your special day and make it all flow. Keep in mind, they do not owe you anything, they do not have to do this for you, but they have volunteered because they care about you and your happiness. How about sharing some of that happiness and niceness with them? This comes in handy when you are deciding what they will wear, what their duties will be, how much of their time are you taking up outside of your actual wedding day, and much more.

4. There are two people going into this marriage, and even though your groom may not want to have much input on what things will look like, an opinion should always be asked. It is helpful to both be on the same page, rather than him finding out something on the day of the wedding. Start the marriage together, rather than by yourself, and it will lead to a better walk down the road of life.

5. Make it memorable. Everything you plan about your wedding, make sure that it is something that people will remember. Put that special touch to things that stand out. After all, if you don’t think anyone will notice, or no one will remember, why spend your hard-earned money doing it at all? From the atmosphere, to the food, to the music, to the flowers and more, make it memorable.

6. Don’t forget to eat. Most brides are on a “don’t eat much” diet before their wedding so that the wedding dress fits perfectly. However, the day of the wedding, eat. Don’t spend all your time walking around, worrying about everyone else. Take care of you first. If you eat small meals throughout the day, it will ensure that you have the energy to enjoy the day that you have been working so hard to make it amazing.

There are plenty more that you can keep in mind when planning your wedding, but our goal is to make you think of some of them in the hopes of refreshing your memory and keeping the big picture in mind. Weddings are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, make sure you have fun and enjoy yours!