An Extra Touch for {Wedding} Decor

Music is our specialty; we know it, we mix it, we make it fit your event perfectly. Sometimes you need more than just music to set the tone, create the atmosphere, design the perfect backdrop for your photos, videos, or just for your guests to truly have a great time.

When you think of decor for your venue, there are flowers, centerpieces, linens, candles, and many other things that you can add to your venue to create the right visual for you. We can help with that. Our DJs bring sound active lighting with them that flashes, moves, changes colors and more according to the music. You can dance in a well lit or dim room all night, but you add a splash of color to the evening and the energy increases tremendously. This causes more guests to come out on the dance floor, the photos that you get become more memorable, and the smiles across your guests faces seem to get bigger. It’s all about creating the right mood for everyone to have fun, and sometimes it takes more than just music to do that.

Lighting at the Chattahoochie Nature Center

What about splashing single color walls with a touch of your own wedding colors? Maybe some pink, or some coral, or a green to match the bridesmaids dresses. Uplights are the touch you need. Fully customizable uplights that can be spread across the room to add to your existing decor. We set a time to meet at the venue with you with some uplights and test out different colors for you. Sometimes it is not as simple as just deciding on a color, especially if the walls have decor already or if they are not white. You can project a pink color on a wall, but if the wall is beige, it may come out purple, or too dark for your taste. Our goal is to make sure you have the touch that you want, so a walk through with a test of the uplights is the way to go.

Rain held off for the amazinUplights at the Piedmont Room

Have you seen initials or names projected on a wall or dancefloor? A Gobo can do just that for you, one of a kind, with your choice of names and a date, or just initials can make your wedding stand out from the rest. The best part? Once the wedding is over, you get to keep the glass circle with your inscription on it as a keepsake, our gift from us to you.

There are many ways to add to your wedding day and venue to make it unique. Our goal is to help you achieve that. We want to listen to what you want and add the pieces that you are looking for. If we don’t have it, we will get it. We want to make sure that on your special day, everything is perfect.

Fine Tune Your Day – Top Song Selections to Set Your Scene

Choosing the music for your special day can have a great impact on the memories you have and on the overall atmosphere of your wedding. From the First Dance, to the group dance and all the way to the last note, the songs you choose will set the stage. Based on numerous weddings that we have provided entertainment for, we have compiled a list of some recommendations when it comes to First Dance songs and some crowd movers that tend to get guests dancing away.

These lists are not in any particular order, however if you would like to see more and even have them ranked, look for the Fall edition of the Perfect Wedding Guide magazine that will feature our input and rankings.


First Dance Songs:

–          Train – Marry Me

–          Corey Smith – First Dance

–          Adele – Make You Feel My Love

–          John Legend – All of Me

–          Lonestar – Amazed

–          Rascal Flatts – Bless The Broken Road

–          Etta James – At Last

–          Blake Shelton – God Gave Me You

–          Edwin McCain – I Could Not Ask For More

–          Big & Rich – Lost In This Moment

–          Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up On Us

–          David Gray – This Year’s Love

–          Ray La Montagne – You Are The Best Thing

–          Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

–          Luther Vandross – Here and Now

Crowd Movers

–          Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

–          B52’s – Love Shack

–          Young MC – Bust A Move

–          Isley Brothers – Shout

–          Marcia Griffith – Electric  Slide

–          Cupid – Cupid Shuffle

–          V.I.C. – Wobble

–          The Commodores – Brick House

–          Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

–          Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

–          Usher – Yeah

–          Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

–          The Beatles – Twist & Shout

–          Sister Sledge – We Are Family

–          Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

–          Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull – I Like It


Designing Your {Wedding} Entertainment

Most surveys of brides taken after their wedding cite that the right entertainment during their reception made the evening memorable, either in a good or bad way. Deciding what you want to take place during your reception when it comes to the entertainment is crucial.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding on songs that you want played during your evening:

~ What age groups will be present at your reception?

  • Chances are you will have guests there from a wide variety of generations, from their 20’s or younger to their 60’s or older. You want to make sure that all of your guests will have some music to dance to. If you only want current music played because that if what you are used to, some of your older guests will feel left out and may leave early and not enjoy the whole evening.

~ Is the music that you have requested dance music?

  • There are millions of songs out there today, from many decades and many countries. Just because something sounds great when you are listening to it in the car while driving down the road, it does not mean that it will be a song that you and your guests will be able to dance to. It is always helpful to ask your DJ’s or your band’s input when it comes to songs on whether they believe the songs you have selected are more appropriate for the dancing portion of the evening, during dinner, or at another time during your reception.

~ Band or DJ for your special night?

  • Both bands and DJs have their pluses and drawbacks. A band generally can keep the evening lively, more interaction with your guests, and live music just has a different atmosphere than a DJ. However a band can be quite expensive based on how big the band is, and generally they are limited when it comes to the repertoire of music, mostly within one genre or one decade. A DJ on the other hand can have a wide variety of music available and be able to cater to what you want to hear during your evening. They are also lower priced and as long as you pick the right DJ personality for you and your guests.

~ What kind of playlist to provide to your band or DJ?

  • When putting together a playlist for your DJ or band, keep in mind the amount of time that they will be playing. A typical DJ can play between 15-20 songs per hour. That does not mean that you should give your band or DJ a 70-80 song playlist with what to play all night. If that is what you are looking for during your night, you may be better off renting some audio equipment and plugging it in to an iPod or other media player and letting it play. Part of what you get with a DJ or band is the interaction with the guests, the ability to read the guests and cater the music accordingly. Generally a 15-20 song playlist is appropriate to give the DJ or band an idea of what you like to hear, that way they can cater the music to your taste and still be able to keep your guests entertained for the whole time.

~ Do Not Play list

  • Make sure to let your DJ or band know if there is something that you specifically do not want to hear. The last thing you want is a song to begin to play that you hate or that brings back bad memories and cause a disruption in your happy celebration. Whether it be a specific artist or a song that you do not want to hear, let the DJ or band know so that everything flows completely the way you want it to flow.

{Wedding} Vendor Tipping… Who and How Much?

You have hired your list of wedding vendors to help make your day perfect, your wedding day is around the corner and you are trying to figure the last bit of details to make it all complete. Everything is set, everyone is paid, and everything seems done. Did you remember the gratuities for your vendors? If you are unsure on who to tip and how much to tip, here are some general wedding tipping etiquette articles that we have compiled for you from some of the industry’s renowned websites.

According to almost all of your vendors should receive some form of gratuity, from the hair and make up people, to the DJ and caterer. Proper etiquette shows that you appreciate their hard work and not just their services. Wedding professionals generally are under higher stress for weddings than any other event, simply because at a wedding there is no room for error and you want everything to be perfect, from the dress, to the make up, to the flowers, food and, of course, music. If you wedding vendor helps make your day even more special than you even wanted, it is only proper for them to receive a “thank you” gratuity. even goes into details on how much you should tip your vendors, as a guideline. takes a simpler approach to tipping in emphasizing that tipping depends on whether you believe that particular vendor went above their “paid for” duties to make your day one-of-a-kind. There is no need for over the top amounts like hundreds of dollars or extravagant gifts, but a simple thank you card with a gratuity ranging between $50 and $100 will be acceptable for most of your vendors. also has a simple guide on amounts and general guidelines for your vendors, although they do leave out several vendors that we believe are deserving of a gratuity.

The main thing to keep in mind is that most vendors out there make a set amount no matter what the event is, how long it is, or where it is, so certain vendors, like servers, bartenders, photographers, videographers, DJ’s, etc only make a fraction of what you actually paid for the services. Therefore a gratuity for them adds to their direct compensation for your wedding, as a thank you for their effort. If you plan it ahead of time, you can have each vendor’s gratuity in sealed envelopes, clearly marked, and have either one of your parents, or someone from your wedding party, like your best man or maid of honor, hand them out at the end of the reception. If it is easier to pay by card, you can always add it to your total when you pay the balance off. It may give that vendor an even greater incentive to go that extra mile for you.

Guests and Song Requests

We receive this question quite frequently and always ask the bride and groom as well if they are comfortable with having guests request songs at their wedding. Some couples automatically answer that question by placing a space in their invitations for guests to request songs before they even have a chance to arrive at the wedding. This option is fine, especially if you are easy going and trust your DJ to make the choice of what songs to play at what time and what is wedding appropriate to play at your reception.

However, not everyone is comfortable with letting their guests guide the music atmosphere of their wedding. A strict “No Requests” policy can also be in place, although not highly recommended. You want your guests to be a part of your wedding and enjoy it with you, not just spectators.

The best choice generally is a median between the two extremes. You want your guests to hear songs that they enjoy and want to dance to, and also be able to go up to the DJ and requests something that has a special meaning to them. You also want to make sure that you have a competent and courteous enough DJ to be able to screen the songs as they are being requested and make judgement on what should be played at what time. Usually a good “Do Not Play” list can be very helpful to a DJ so that he or she knows what songs to stay away from, even if they get requested.

Our general guidelines include communicating with the bride and groom before hand to know what songs to stay away from and also with the guests if they request a song that does not fit the format being played. Keeping the flow of music going is very important to an event. If a DJ is playing a top 40 format and the dancefloor is full, and someone requests “My Girl”, although it is a great song, it would not fit with the flow of the music at that moment. We would make a note of the song and advise the guest that it would be played at a later time.

The main thing to keep in mind when making the decision on whether you want to allow your guests to request songs or not is to have clear communication with your DJ. Communication is key, so let your DJ know what you do and don’t want to take place during your wedding. In the end, your DJ should be professional enough to make the decisions on the songs as they are being requested, without having to constantly bug you on specific requests.

Planning for Weather

When planning a wedding, most couples try to make sure everything is just the way they want. The decor, the venue, the flowers, the food, entertainment, etc. However, the one thing that is truly unpredictable is Mother Nature and the weather, especially if your wedding is in Georgia. Just because your wedding will be under a pavilion does not make you immune to the weather.

Wet & Rainy Night

The weather  in Georgia this past week was a constant drizzle and occasional downpour here and there. The venue has a covered pavilion for the dancefloor area that overlooks the North Georgia mountains with a beautiful view, which is attached to the main building so guests can go in and out as they please. The ceremony was moved indoors and the rest was to be continued as planned.

Needless to say, the covered outdoor dancefloor was useless so we had to improvise and move everything indoors. We cleared a couple of the tables, moved some of the sound equipment indoors and continued the evening indoors. Even though the venue was full, the willingness of the couple, the staff, and guests to be flexible and content to make sure the night didn’t get ruined, helped make this night a successful one.


It is important to choose your vendors accordingly. Sometimes you have to go with the flow and be flexible because things may not go exactly the way you planned. A good venue with great staff and cooperative vendors will ensure that. After all, Mother Nature is quite unpredictable.

~ Andi

Head DJ/Co-Owner

EuroAndy Events