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White Friday Special Promotion

Not Black Friday


Forget Black Friday! In the {Wedding} Industry it’s all about White Friday and we thought we’d join in!

From now (November 27, 2015) through Cyber Monday (November 30, 2015) at 5:00pm we will be running a promotion
that we have never done before and may never do again!

$250 off ANY of our 4 packages for events from December 1st through March 31st.

Visit our Website for information on what our packages include or email us at dj@euroandy.com.

An Extra Touch for {Wedding} Decor

Music is our specialty; we know it, we mix it, we make it fit your event perfectly. Sometimes you need more than just music to set the tone, create the atmosphere, design the perfect backdrop for your photos, videos, or just for your guests to truly have a great time.

When you think of decor for your venue, there are flowers, centerpieces, linens, candles, and many other things that you can add to your venue to create the right visual for you. We can help with that. Our DJs bring sound active lighting with them that flashes, moves, changes colors and more according to the music. You can dance in a well lit or dim room all night, but you add a splash of color to the evening and the energy increases tremendously. This causes more guests to come out on the dance floor, the photos that you get become more memorable, and the smiles across your guests faces seem to get bigger. It’s all about creating the right mood for everyone to have fun, and sometimes it takes more than just music to do that.

Lighting at the Chattahoochie Nature Center

What about splashing single color walls with a touch of your own wedding colors? Maybe some pink, or some coral, or a green to match the bridesmaids dresses. Uplights are the touch you need. Fully customizable uplights that can be spread across the room to add to your existing decor. We set a time to meet at the venue with you with some uplights and test out different colors for you. Sometimes it is not as simple as just deciding on a color, especially if the walls have decor already or if they are not white. You can project a pink color on a wall, but if the wall is beige, it may come out purple, or too dark for your taste. Our goal is to make sure you have the touch that you want, so a walk through with a test of the uplights is the way to go.

Rain held off for the amazinUplights at the Piedmont Room

Have you seen initials or names projected on a wall or dancefloor? A Gobo can do just that for you, one of a kind, with your choice of names and a date, or just initials can make your wedding stand out from the rest. The best part? Once the wedding is over, you get to keep the glass circle with your inscription on it as a keepsake, our gift from us to you.

There are many ways to add to your wedding day and venue to make it unique. Our goal is to help you achieve that. We want to listen to what you want and add the pieces that you are looking for. If we don’t have it, we will get it. We want to make sure that on your special day, everything is perfect.